Hydro-testing of a pipeline is carried out mainly to check the integrity of the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline can be operated at its Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) and is free from any major defects which could affect the pipeline during operation. It is the most conventional and economical method to test pipelines before or during operations.
ZERBINA ENGINEERING maintains an inventory of high pressure positive displacement pumps, break tanks, test ends, temperature and pressure monitoring and recording instruments and has the experience to operate them efficiently. Depending on the length and diameter of the pipe being tested the appropriate pumps and equipments will be dispatched to the site to ensure that the pipeline is tested with the highest level of accuracy and precaution.
ZERBINA ENGINEERING will also provide if necessary proper test headers including all valves blinds flanges, gaskets and other fittings. All the equipments used for testing are duly certified by approved third parties agencies. After each test is completed ZERBINA ENGINEERING will provide the client/contractor with a test report including all documents necessary to meet company ISO norms/international specification.
ZERBINA ENGINEERING has formed partnership with an Italian Company, Petroleum Technical Company (P.T.C, S.r.l, Italiana) under their enlarged Comet Group of company, to be their sole distributor for Hydro--Blasting equipment for Malaysia and Brunei.
With this partnership, ZERBINA ENGINEERING will expand into providing hydro-blasting services to the oil & Gas industry. Our dust and spark free blasting systems will provide a cost effective alternate to conventional dry abrasive blasting.
UHP (Ultra High Pressure) jetting systems creates a complete dust free working environment and allows other contractors to work in close vicinity. Oil, grease and salt contaminants are removed completely. Consistently, UHP water jetting will produce a surface finish equal to or better than a dry abrasive blasted surface.
Probably one of the most significant benefits of water blasting is that once water blasted at Ultra High Pressure the surface is free from Non Visible Contamination (Chlorides, salts of Ferrous Oxide and Ferrous Chloride).
This chemical free surface offers perfect condition on which to apply the chosen corrosion protection coating. Having a chemically clean surface means that any coating or lining material will bond more effectively.
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