ZERBINA ENGINEERING has been appointed by an Italian company, PTC Petroleum Technical Company Italiana (PTC Srl.), to become their dealer/Sole Distributor for Malaysia and Brunei, for the supply of Hydro-Jetting equipment.
With this partnership, ZERBINA ENGINEERING will be able to provide hydro-jetting services as follows:
Low Pressure washing and High Pressure Cleaning of ship‘s hulls, tanks and equipment.
General machinery cleaning, rotary disc filters, conveyors, dust containment, tool cooling on drilling heads, water-jet assisted perforation.
De-scaling and high pressure cleaning of distillation columns, heat exchangers, condensers, autoclaves and reactors, pipelines, filters, large pipes in plants, etc.
Pipeline and drilling rigs cleaning and descaling, rehabilitation of coating in pipelines, UnderWater activity and surface preparation for NDT testing and renovation of structure for recoating.
Deep renovation of concrete surfaces and structures
( motorways, viaducts, bridges, etc ), cut openings, concrete renovations of tunnels, pillars, etc by means of dedicated robots.
Removal of sand from moulds and balanced blast cupola, descaling of castings. Precision Foundry: removal of casting skins of lost-wax process, complete cabinets for high pressure washing.
UHP (Ultra High Pressure) jetting systems creates a complete dust free working environment and allows other contractors to work in close vicinity. Oil, grease and salt contaminants are removed completely. Consistently, UHP water jetting will produce a surface finish equal to or better than a dry abrasive blasted surface.
Probably one of the most significant benefits of water blasting is that once water blasted at Ultra High Pressure the surface is free from Non Visible Contamination (Chlorides, salts of Ferrous Oxide and Ferrous Chloride).
This chemical free surface offers perfect condition on which to apply the chosen corrosion protection coating. Having a chemically clean surface means that any coating or lining material will bond more effectively.
Quality - professionalism - technical assistance
These are the key factors ZERBINA ENGINEERING & P T C makes available to its customers. Not just a product, but all the skill and service required to assure maximum performance and high reliability.
ZERBINA ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. is the Sole Distributor & Technological Partner with Petroleum Technical Company PTC s.r.l Italiana, who have over 30 years experience in supplying and providing services for waterjetting to the various industries.
ZERBINA ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. can provide Sales & Services as follows:
Water Jetting units – Power range from 15KW to 550KW – with discharge pressure up to 3000 bar
Pipe bundle cleaner robots and tools for Chemical plants & Refineries
Hydrodemolishers and Hydrscarifiers
Cold Cutting Robots and (Radial, Linera, Circular) with relevant power pack
Industrial maintenance (ship hulls, pipe washing, systems, exchangers, towers, filters, etc.)
Pressurization of industrial lines (presses, hydro-forming, line and plant testing, etc.)
Various industrial uses (foundry castings, precision foundry, steel plate and billet descaling, cleaning and deburring of special pieces, engines, etc.) as well as subsea jobs
ZERBINA ENGINEERING sells & supply a wide range of PTC Hydrojetting Machines made in Italy, as follows:
Please consult our engineers, who will advice you on the pricing & appropriate units to purchase for the specific application……………..
Also available are the necessary protective products that you’ll need on off-shore platforms, or in any process industry or for Marine use. There is a very wide range of apparels & protective clothing available. Please consult/contact ZERBINA ENGINEERING for your specific needs:
Technical Specifications for all models of available Hydrojetting machines are shown below:
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