We provide a wide range of Industrial Chemical Cleaning Services :
Off and On-line cleaning of heat exchangers Distillation columns
Vessel/Tank Chemical Cleaning Services Cooling towers
Plate exchangers Air coolers
Train exchangers of crude oil Fin Fan coolers
Evaporators and condensers Fire protection water systems
High quality filtration Cooling and lubrication oil circuits
Process fluid lines Diesel oil circuits
Gas supply lines HVAC system Cleaning
Air supply lines    
The use of a biodispersant alone will help remove dirt and loosen bio masses for easy removal. This is the most favorable safest, and easiest type of chemical cleaning. The use of a biodispersant along with either an algaecide (chlorine) or biocide will insure that all biomasses, silt, and deposition are reduced and can more easily be mechanically removed.
If a tower is heavily scaled, and an acid cleaning is determined to be the most effective way of reducing or removing the scale, please contact ZERBINA ENGINEERING.
Our Chemical Specialist will determine the type and amount of acid that is needed to de-scale the tower. Once the correct acid is determined, the acid will be added via a special chemical tank and re-circulating pump. The solution will be re-circulated for several hours. Once the acid has exhausted itself (determined by a pH test and physical inspection), it is neutralized and then dumped. If a second application is needed, we will reapply the solution with new acid and re-circulate it for several more hours. Once our specialist determines that the scale has been dissolved, or loosened off where it can be mechanically removed, we will neutralize the solution, retest, and drain the tower. This will insure that the internal portion of the tower is safe to begin the mechanical cleaning. We always emphasize that Safety is primary at all times When this type of cleaning method is applied.
Condenser tube before MIOX(left) and after(right)
The two major categories of chemical cleaning are pre-operational chemical cleaning—part of pre-commissioning or commissioning activities—and post-operational or maintenance chemical cleaning—part of regular shut down work.
Pre-operational chemical cleaning is performed to remove any foreign material remaining from the construction activities either on the pipe or system fabrication. Major considerations in the pre-operational phase include mill scale, corrosion products, weld scale, oil, grease, sand, dirt, temporary protective coatings, and other construction debris.
Post-operational cleaning is performed for a number of reasons, including reduced heat transfer, reduced flow, safety (e.g., H2S, pyrophoric iron, LELs, ammonia, etc.), reduced surface area (e.g., catalyst), access to full inspection, and more. The type and frequency of post-operational cleaning varies with system design, operating requirements, and history of operation and fluid/water treatment.
In choosing a proper chemical cleaning method, our Technical staff will consider several factors :
System design
Operational conditions of the fluid (flow, temperature, pressure, etc.)
Characteristics and quantity of deposits
Compatibility of the cleaning solvent with metallurgy of the system
Deposit solubility in the cleaning fluid
HSE issues
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