ZERBINA ENGINEERING owns the latest unit of Parker Portable icountLaser CM20 Auto Particle Counter c/w UBS 9002 Universal Bottle Sampler. We have specially trained technicians to operate this unit for online and offline oil analysis.
Product features includes:
Instant, accurate results are available after a 2 minute test cycle.
Data entry allows individual equipment footprint record.
Data graphing selectable via the integral printer.
Auto 300-test cycle logging via LCD handset input.
RS232 serial port computer interface.
Rental of Hydro-jetting equipment etc.
Limit level output to control peripheral equipment such as off-line filtration via internal relay limit switches.
Auto-testing allows conducting automatic sequencing tests on flushing systems, for example.
Bar code swipe wand allows handset data loading.
Multi-Standard ISO 4406 & NAS 1638 Cleanliness reporting.
“80% of all fluid systems failures are due to contaminations”

All areas of the energy sector (refineries, gas treatment plants, power plants, gas extraction plants) are dependent on continuous production, where processes and technologies can be relied on not to fail. Many facilities utilize rotating and fluid carrying equipment such as gear oil systems, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems and other process systems.

These systems contain sensitive components that must be treated with care so as to avoid uncontrolled, unnecessary and unwanted breakdowns. A great many resources are devoted to checking and maintaining rotating components. It is a serious problem as every shutdown means loss in production. Consequently, companies are naturally very interested in reducing these unexpected shutdowns. This is where our job begins, as our role is to prevent such shutdowns. Contact us, and our Engineers will be able to provide you with the required solution.

“We have the manpower and equipment to perform turnkey oil flushing services”

After new fabrication or repair of piping and tubing, it is important to flush the lines to remove all foreign debris (welding slag, dirt, metal fines, etc), thereby preventing premature component failure.

Routine Filtration and High Velocity / Hot Oil Flushing Services are an important part of preventive maintenance for all rotational equipment and systems. The damaging effects of particulate contamination have been well documented with regards to premature component wear and failure. One way to ensure optimal system cleanliness is to perform periodic flushing. By circulating hot oil or a flushing fluid through the piping of a system at a very high flow rate, turbulent flow can be achieved, which dislodges particles that would otherwise cling to the walls during laminar flow. These particles are then removed from the piping as the fluid is circulated through a series of high-efficiency filter elements.

Sample of ISO 32 Turbiine Oil
Unfiltered Oil, Particulate-ISO
21/18/15-NAS 9
  Filtered Oil, Particulate-ISO 14/13/10-NAS 4
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