ZERBINA ENGINEERING, in collaboration with its partners, is positioned to provide total solutions related to diagnostic and related monitoring services for a wide range of industries.
These on-site analysis can be carried out for the following equipment :
Hydraulic systems
Steam & Gas Turbines
Diesel Engines, whether on or off-shore
Depending on the requirements of our clients, on-site monitoring services can cover a wide range of parameters such as vibration analysis; corrosion monitoring; monitoring of viscosity; acid number; Ferrous Concentration; presence of water in oil; Particle count as Per ISO 4406/NAS standards; Flash Point etc.
ZERBINA ENGINEERING is aggressively seeking for a reliable Principal Partner from the USA to provide specialized Condition Monitoring Systems for most of the industries in Malaysia.
Our objective is to offers customizable predictive maintenance programs for all industries, including: combined cycle power plants, offshore oil production facilities, agriculture, manufacturing, turbines, and much more.
The benefits of equipment monitoring through the use of vibration, infrared, ultrasound, and oil analysis technologies can be implemented almost anywhere, with the ultimate benefit of reducing downtime and increasing the bottom line.
We will be offering onsite vibration analysis testing services, laser alignment, in place machine balancing, infrared inspection services, predictive maintenance program implementation, training, motor current testing services and emission compliance testing to all industries .
Our specialties, drawn form the experience of our Principal Partners, would include providing machine condition monitoring and identifying defects in motor bearing vibration; gearbox bearing vibration and pump bearing vibration; HVAC chiller vibration monitoring, service and repair; Marine and ship condition monitoring services; Electric crane condition monitoring and testing services; wind generation condition monitoring and vibration analysis; Offshore oil and gas production predictive maintenance programs; Refinery machine condition monitoring and Power plant vibration analysis services.
Consult us, and ZERBINA ENGINEERING specialists will provide you with the necessary advice.
When crude oil is processed, the oil pipes and tanks are subject to stresses. Impurities can lead to corrosion, blockages, dirty equipment, and catalyst poisoning. For this reason, these impurities are removed by demineralization (dehydration) in the first phase of the oil refining process. During this process, conditions such as temperature, flow rate, and pressure are monitored and controlled. To prevent the pipes and tanks from corroding, it is also necessary to determine:
- Oil and water quality changes
- Changes in the chemical composition of the oil or gas
- If corrosion inhibitors are working correctly

These factors are detected and monitored with the aid of several specialized systems, which
ZERBINA ENGINEERING can offer for corrosion monitoring and control. These systems allows the system operator to plan and replace components that are affected by corrosion and prevent costly equipment damage.

The integrated system we employ will help the operator to detect general and localized corrosion (pitting). Localized corrosion in particular can lead to serious damage, as corrosion perforation can occur within a very short space of time if it is not detected at an early stage. However, if corrective action is taken promptly, the problem can be dealt with effectively.

The Integrated Corrosion Management System, offered by us comes from the USA and is the most comprehensive and powerful online corrosion monitoring system available. It is ideally suited for medium- to large-scale systems, or for small systems with the need for future growth. The system allows integration of all corrosion, erosion, and cathodic protection products, including the latest in Microcor metal loss technology, and corrosion, pitting, and galvanic transmitters.

The Integrated Corrosion Management System server is the hub of the corrosion or erosion monitoring system, integrating several forms of corrosion monitoring and process data into one complete online system, shared over a variety of communication links. Corrosion and erosion monitoring can be managed as process parameters with constant data streaming into your preferred system.

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